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ART is experienced when being conscious and empowered in each creative moment.

I like to explore and work creatively, responding and reacting rather than preconceiving. In this manner I find the unknown emerging.

Encaustic Art became a range of products that I have worked with since 1987. The process is to use heated tools to melt and move wax colours in molten working techniques. Everything is changeable & anyone can experiment easily with this approach.

Encaustic Wax with resin & pigments - considered a more "classic" approach to the origins of the encaustic formulation and works of the Ancients. Resin inclusive formulations have a different character and a harder final surface.

Encaustic Wax Paste - saponified, water soluble. This wax paste colour spans the handling qualities of oils when used straight from the tube and behaves much like water colours when diluted sufficiently. In between there is a similarity to gesso cloured or poster paints.

Other mediums I have used include wood, slate, pencil, acrylic .. .. ..

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